Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Beach Hut Bicycle

In celebration of his 70th year, my Dad recently undertook the epic challenge of cycling 1000 kilometers in a tour of Lakes and Cakes that lasted 2 1/2 weeks and took him from Hampshire through Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.  I'm not going to write the full story as he documented his progress in his own blog which you can read here:

In honour of this tremendous achievement, I decided a picture was in order so here's his bike leaning against one of the Southwold beach huts.  Southwold was a particularly significant stop along the way.  This is where we celebrated his birthday as a family earlier in the year (more pictures of that trip to follow) and it's also where my Mum met him for a well earned rest day.   

The beach hut itself came from one of my photos from our family holiday.  I liked the way this hut was painted and I thought it would be particularly pretty on a nice sunny day so I've modified the weather a little from the freezing cold February day when we were there.  The bike is Dad's bike from one of his photos on his trip.

I'm breaking with tradition a little here as I don't normally share these pictures until after they've been printed as Christmas cards at the end of the year but I want your feedback on this one so you're getting a preview. It's a coloured pencil drawing which didn't scan particularly well so I've photographed it instead.  I set out to do this as a pen and pencil drawing but I found that I quite liked the half way stage before I had added the ink details and now I can't decide which version I'll print.  So my question to you is which do you prefer - version one which is the pencil only one or version two which is pen and pencil?

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  1. I really like both but think the pencil only one just wins for me :)